Tuesday, March 31, 2009

D' Luxe Style - Tribal Temptations

The tribal trend has exploded this season with clothing, jewelry and accessories inspired by African and Indian influences.

Add ethnic flavor to your wardrobe with a wide color palette of exotic motifs. Differentiate your look with indigenous-inspired prints and tribal geometric patterns.

For jewelry, the look is big and bright and layering is key . Mix chunky bracelets adorned with natural stones with embellished cuffs. Necklaces are intricately beaded, making this season's trend a beadweaver's dream.

Not sure how you will incorporate this look into your Spring 2009 wardrobe? Just remember less is more. A "touch of tribal" will make your look chic and unscripted.
1. Etro tunic; 2. Public Library t-shirt; 3. Dune clutch; 4. D' Luxe Designs Tribal Noir bracelet; 5. Jimmy Choo Claudia sandal; 6. Matt Bernson Equss sandal; 7. D' Luxe Designs Tribal Soul bracelet


kim* said...

super fun outfit!

Lanyardlady said...

neat things! thanks for the ideas.

EddieGarcia said...

I like your products but unfortunately I can't use them myself. Maybe my wife or daughter, but not me. I don't think they surf the net like I do so their chances of finding your site are slim. I will try to remember to point them your way. Nice items!

Friends 4 Life!
Eddie Garcia

Soyun said...

Love the vibrant colors. So exciting~

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