Monday, February 7, 2011

D'Luxe Designs Etsy Treasury: Rockin' Robin

Please check out my etsy treasury: Rockin' Robin: An Egg a Day is Work. The inspiration for this treasury is the serene color of Robin's Egg Blue and the symbolism of Spring. Special thanks to all of the wonderful etsy sellers that I featured.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

D' Luxe Decor - Embrace the Beauty of Iman Home

For those who love the idea of a "model" home, we can now look forward having one of own. Iconic supermodel Iman will launch her first home furnishings products under the brand Iman Home.

The collection of some 15 decorative fabrics designs, are grouped in two themes: Urban Eclectic and Modern Glamour - each offering a layering of various textures and techniques in diverse looks reflecting both a global and urban influence.

Each works alone but also can be paired to pick up design elements from the other. The collection will debut at retail at Calico Corners on September 5.

The line will retail in range from $25 to $50 per yard, with most in the $25 to $37 range. Visit to see this lovely line for yourself.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrate Your Shape with Levis Curve Id Jeans

Just in time for fall, Levi’s® is launching a new line of custom fit jeans made to fit the curve of a woman’s body. The new line, Levi’s® Curve ID, utilizes a revolutionary fit system based on shape, not size and was created as a result of studying more than 60,000 body scans and listening to women around the world of all shapes and sizes.

Through this research, Levi’s® designers created a new approach to measuring a woman’s body and identified three distinct body types that account for 80 percent of women’s shapes universally. The three Levi’s® Curve ID fits are based on these universal body types.

Unlike other denim brands, Levi’s® Curve ID utilizes a unique, customized fit system focusing on a woman’s shape and proportions, not her size. The designers studied the bodies of more than 60,000 women to develop three custom fits based on the difference between the measurement of a woman’s hip and seat – the greater the difference, the more curvy the body – and include:

Slight Curve – designed to celebrate straight figures
Slight Curve is designed to define a woman’s waist, while accentuating her curves. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try the Slight Curve.

Demi Curve – designed to fit even proportions
Demi Curve is designed to flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist, but don’t flatter the figure, a woman should try the Demi Curve.

Bold Curve– designed to honor genuine curves
Bold Curve is designed to hug the waist, without gapping or pulling. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs, but gap in the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve.

Each store carrying the line will have trained fit experts to measure women, identify her Levi’s® Curve ID and help her find the best fitting jeans for her body type and style preference. A global digital fitting room will launch on where women will be able to find their Levi’s® Curve ID, explore product demos and learn more about our fit science.

Visit for info on where to purchase these jeans.

Monday, February 22, 2010

D' Luxe Technology - OPI and Dell Partnership

Have you ever loved your nail color so much you wanted to wear it everyday? Well now you can. Dell has teamed up with world renowned nail lacquer experts OPI to design a new line-up of fashionable yet functional laptop computers.

Through their unique partnership, Dell began featuring 26 high-style fashion shades along with their already available color and artwork offerings available as options in the Dell Design Studio.

One of Dell's most popular options for consumer laptops is the choice of color, and by teaming up with OPI they're making even more fun designs available. The seasonal choices will vary and OPI will also periodically revise its color offerings based on what's most popular. Currently, for the spring 2010 season Dell is offering OPI's "Hong Kong" collection.

The OPI color options are available on the Dell Mini, Inspiron and Studio Laptops through the Dell Design Studio. Later, the OPI options will expand to other countries, and select OPI colors will be available at many retailers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

D' Luxe Style - Heavy Metal Shines On

Want a sneak peak at some of the hottest fashion trends for Spring 2010? The catwalks are ablaze with muted shine-in precious metal tones of broze, rose gold and copper There's no better way to add an injection of high-octane glamour than with a shiny, metallic flash. Leave silver alone (it's had its moment), this season's metal tones are warmer alloys.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

D' Luxe Beauty - Go Beyond Merry with Cranberry

Cranberry is no longer around just for the holidays. Consumer demand for this little red berry has ensured its presence in snacks, cereals and juices. But now beauty products are its latest platform for expansion.

With cranberries' emergence into the "superfruit" club and "high in antioxidants" marketing slant, you'll be sure to see cranberry positioned products from more beauty brands throughtout the year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

D' Luxe Beauty - Sweet as Honey

It is the time of year when we can't get enough of "edible comfort ingredients". The health and nutritional benefits of honey are countless. It’s no surprise consumers are hot for beauty products with honey in them as a more natural way to indulge and replenish.

Honey contains ingredients that are natural antioxidants and have natural antiseptic, cleansing, and healing properties. It is also a natural humectant. No surprise there is an increasing number of honey products being introduced to the market for hair care, lotions, facial masks, and fragrances.

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