Tuesday, April 7, 2009

D' Luxe Style - Stand Out in the Nude

Standing Out in the Nude
Standing Out in the Nude by dluxedesigns featuring Jimmy Choo flat shoes

Ultra feminine. Romantic. Playful. The nude fashion trend this spring isn't about showing more, but working flesh-tone fabrics as a form of second skin.

Not all neutrals are created equal. Consider your skin tone when selecting your pieces. Opt for delicate pinks, nuzzly peach or creamy caramels. Mix and match your nude tone items to create texture and dimension.

Stand Out in the Nude with one item that adds the right splash of pop. For my D'Luxe Nude Look, I selected the Gucci Princy Tote as my "pop accessory.

Featured items: Jimmy Choo sandals; Calypso smock top; Filagree teardrop earrings; 2Pack chunky bracelet; Forever flower brooch; H&M slim skirt; Cube New York sandals; Subversive necklace; Gucci Princy Tote


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this look. Hooray for the end of too much skin and for sexy and demure!

CastoCreations said...

Love the look and color but I think it makes me look too washed out.

Birdie! said...

Cute set!

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