Tuesday, April 7, 2009

D' Luxe Style - Put a Ring On It

D' Luxe Style - Put a Ring on it
D' Luxe Style - Put a Ring on it by dluxedesigns featuring Forever21 rings

In the words of Beyonce, "if you like then you shoulda put a ring on it".

I don't think she is talking about any ring, but bold, oversized, in your face, statement rings. This is definitely the time "to be done with dainty".

Whether you chose semi-precious stones, faux gems or crafted metals, cocktail rings are to be worn during the day, and the goal is to get noticed.


Anonymous said...

I love bold rings... I think that's why I design cluster rings... the funny thing is that I'm more of a necklace girl:)


D' Luxe Designs said...

Hi Akane,

Thanks for posting. I just visited your etsy shop. Your Blueberry Cluster ring is my favorite.

Celebrity Fashion said...

The big rings look nice the only problem I have is they catch on to many thing. :(


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