Saturday, January 31, 2009

D' Luxe Decor - Domino Magazine to Close

Despite increases in circulation, declines of nearly $40 million in advertising revenue have caused my favorite home decor magazine to "close its doors".

Conde Nast has decided to fold Domino, the young "Shopping Magazine for Your Home" edited by Deborah Needleman.

A final March issue will be published, and the website will be shut down. This is a great magazine and will definitely be missed. Hold on to your back issues for the memories!

1 comment:

Ann Wilkinson said...

that's just plain sad. domino was such an inspiring magazine, although it was difficult to find some of the items their editorials featured. i'll be sorry to see them go. we're going to be left with generic magazines soon that leave nothing to chance and print the same old articles month after month.

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