Friday, January 23, 2009

D' Luxe Hair - The Stylist to Michelle Obama

As many of us adored the images of Michelle Obama this week, I couldn't help but wonder about who styled her hair.

Long time hair stylist, Rahni Flowers of Van Cleef Hair Studio in Chicago was flown into Washington DC to style the first lady's hair for all the events that surround the inauguration.

Rahni Flowers, owner of Van Cleef Hair Studio in Chicago, has been Obama's hair stylist for 18 years. His lips are sealed over what products she uses, but he has created her bob by layering it, blowdrying it straight and using a light holding spray.

Look for Michelle's long layered bob to become the next must have hairstyle this Spring.


Anonymous said...

The first lady is certainly getting much attention for her stylish clothes and hair!

Estela said...

awwww I love Michelle Obama! I do expect the long layered bob to be spring's haircut

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